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Reduce Development Costs & Watch Your ROI Increase!

With MS Power Automate

ROI Guaranteed 

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Construct Flexible, Low-Code RPA Processes for Cost Effective Business & IT Collaboration - with ROI GUARANTEED


  • Improve Business & IT Collaboration
  • Create Enterprise-Grade, Low-Code Applications
  • Rapid Build & Release of Applications
  • Reduce Development Costs and Watch Your ROI Increase
  • 100% Security with Latest Azure Technologies
  • Enjoy Competitive Advantage & Increased Profit

24/7 Throughput

RPA Technology will work nights, weekends and won't take a break. 

100% Accuracy

RPA Technology does not make mistakes

4X Faster

RPA Technology handles tasks 4-5 times faster than a human

Common Business Processes to Automate with RPA

RPA is a flexible tool, used to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks that require human intervention, both in the back office and front office. The true beauty about RPA is its ability to bridge the gaps between existing systems, many of which are legacy systems with limited access to API's.

Some popular manual processes which greatly benefit from RPA are listed below.  If you would like to explore other processes for RPA, please Contact Us so that we can help you.

Human Resources & RPA

employee engagement

The Use of RPA Tools in HR Functions Increased by 50% in 1 Year

2019-2020 Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey

HR Leaders are experiencing a growing desire to free their HR staff from manual tasks so that they can pursue work that adds more value to the organisation, such a recruitment, culture & retention strategies. 

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Human Resource Process

Vacancy Management

Integrate vacancy management processes with HR Recruitment system
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Human Resource Process

Payroll Automation

Automate company rules and regulations to the cumbersome payroll process
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Human Resource Process

HR Virtual Assistants 

Help Employees to Register Sick Leave and Annual Leave & Request Information from HR

Finance & RPA

80% of Finance Leaders, Have Already Implemented or Are Planning to Implement RPA

IBM 2021

Financial Services companies are using RPA to interact with a wide range of critical applications, to manipulate data, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in a way that previously required human interaction.

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Finance Process

Tracking & Recording Invoices

Scan, Digitise & Validate to Create Invoices Automatically 
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Finance Process

Tax Preparation

Eliminate Collecting & Inputting Figures Forever

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Finance Process

Running Audit Tests

100% Accuracy for Suprior Audit Quality
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Finance Process

Validating & Processing Loans

Make Loan Decisions and Generate Confirmation Letters

Legal & RPA

legal consultation

More Than 63% of Tasks Handled by Legal Teams, Are Repetitive, Rules-Based and Don't Require Interpretation or Judgement.

UiPath 2020

Deloitte forecasts that by 2025, the quickening pace of technological developments, shifts in workforce demographics, and the need to offer clients more value for money, will force a profound transformation of the legal sector.

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Legal Process


Database Lookups of Keywords in Legal Documents & Legal Research
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Legal Process

Contract Management

Extract Contract Data and Auto Populate CRM
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Legal Process


Submit CRM data into e-file case management portals. 

Manufacturing & Retail & RPA

88% of Companies Have Either Embarked On Or Are Planning to Start a Transformation Strategy in the Next Year

McKinsey Automation Imperative Survey

Capturing bottom line results is less often sucessful in the sector but done right, successful automation in the sector will see 20-40% efficiency gains while generating a positive ROI in 12-18 months.

warehouse worker lifting boxes
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Manufacturing & Retail Process

Inventory Control

Alerting You When Stock Level is Lower Than Demand
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Manufacturing & Retail Process

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Track Logistics and Link Shipping Data into Warehouse Management System
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Manufacturing & Retail Process

Bill of Material (BOM) Processing 

Avoid adverse chain impact in production cycle by avoiding errors BOM processing

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Manufacturing & Retail Process

Transactional Reconciliations 

Eliminate Excel heavy, manual, data reconciliations every day

Insurance & RPA

More Than Half of All Insurers Have Already Deployed RPA!

Novarica Research Council, “Emerging Technology in Insurance: AI, Big Data, Chatbots, IoT, RPA, and More,” January 2021.

Since Insurance companies rely on a mix of legacy systems & applications, RPA's ability to link disparate systems, enables insurers to operate with speed and ease, with minimal coding, while reducing labour costs.

insurance consultant and couple
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Insurance Process

Claims Processing

Customer Experience & Speed are Critical in Claims Processing
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Insurance Process

Appeals Processing

Automate Appeals Processing with 100% Accuracy
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Insurance Process

Partner Query Responses 

Maximise Sales via Partners by Interpretting Incoming Mails & Resolving Simple Inquiries with a Bot

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Insurance Process


Analyse Multiple Data Sources to Determine Risks, Rates & Policies Required.

Our Power Platform Customer Success

From a planning application system for planning authorities to a customised waste management systems used by waste councils across the UK – our .NET Migration & Support projects provide security, expertise and peace of mind to our customers.

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What Is Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a low code platform that is composed of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents.

It enables organisations to analyse data, act on it through applications, and automate business processes. It allows everyone in the organisation, from developers to your frontline worker, to participate in driving better business outcomes by building and using apps.

Read More about Power Platform

Power Automate is all about Intelligent Automation.  It allows you to connect legacy systems and modern applications to one another and optimise processes for better results.  It is an end-to-end automated solution and a key technology for creating automation services that need integration and management.


Forrester names Microsoft a leader in the Forrester Wave: Robotic Process Automation Software Report 2021


Gartner names Microsoft a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation 2021 Report

why opensky

Get simple, disruption-free RPA services and accredited 24/7 scalable support when you partner with us

Your success is our success: we partner with you on a deep level, and build solutions that support your business future.

Why Power Automate with OpenSky

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • ISO 27001, ISO 20000 & ISO 9001 Certifications
  • Extensive GDPR and Data Regulation Expertise
  • Decades of experience and successful delivery in development, migration, security, and support in large-scale projects at highest levels of government, large enterprises, and the public sector.
  • Dedicated Microsoft Technology Teams that research, pioneer, and master best practice for the latest Azure and .NET services.
  • Continuous research and innovation. At OpenSky, we invest over 10% of revenue in R&D to ensure we are always ahead of the technology curve.
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Take a look at MS Power Platform and MS Azure 

MS Power Platform

Power Platform's collection of services, custom apps, and automation tools help to streamline your processes, unlock incredible insights from your data, and free your teams for better and faster work.

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  • Understand the benefits of why you should consider Power Platform to support more insightful business decision making.

MS Azure

Develop and deploy seamlessly and fast with Azure's modern pipeline, guarantee site system stability and uptime with multiple fallbacks, and secure your data against all breaches.

  • Understand how Azure can guarantee high performance and security, regardless of your business set-up
  • See how Azure brings speed, security, and reliability to every aspect of your operations

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