Dublin City Council System Helps Ireland Lead Europe in Collaborative Approach to Managing Homelessness

Pathway Accommodation & Support System Emergency Accommodation System Case Study – Dublin City Council & Dublin Regional Homeless Executive 
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Industry: Public Sector Government Local Authority 
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland 
Services: Housing, Emergency Accommodation, Community Services, Roads, Transportation, Planning, Development, Recreation, Environment, Waste Management 

The Challenge

The Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) works with a range of voluntary and statutory homeless service providers deliver homeless assistance and support to those in need. With so many different organisations, the Dublin City Council (DCC) needed an online shared system that would allow every organisation to coordinate their efforts in helping the homeless. 

The Solution

The Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS) is a unified system that successfully streamlined efforts between every homeless service provider and all local authorities in Ireland, by providing real-time information, case management, and bed availability across the Dublin region. 

The Results

OpenSky developed a cloud-based case management platform for the DCC and DRHE that accelerates collaboration between over 80 government agencies and NGO's, increasing bed efficiency to 99% and streamlines better and more effective homelessness services across Ireland. 

Key Benefits of The PASS System

Bed placements since 2011 
Organisations enabled to cooperate on homeless services 
Management of accommodation inventory 
Rate of bed capacity reached through new efficiencies. 
Access to inventory data in real time
Secure with Advanced Security & Data Protection 


The Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) is a specialist shared service support unit provided by Dublin City Council (DCC). This organisation works with a range of voluntary and statutory homeless service providers to implement the Dublin Region Homeless Action Plan and the ‘Pathway to Home’ model of homeless, housing, and support provision.  


The Situation

Dublin City Council required an intuitive self-service portal with features and functionality for caseworkers and other user authorities, as well as DRHE and other authority administrators and service managers from 50+ voluntary organisations and 30+ Local Authorities.

The system needed to be mobile accessible to support case workers on the go using web-enabled devices, with an intuitive, user-friendly portal, and the highest standards of security to protect sensitive user and government data. The DCC also required extensive and detailed reporting that would improve the long-term case management of homeless authority services.  

The Solution

About The Pathway Accommodation & Support System

The Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS) is an intuitive and modern shared system, with automated reporting, mobile accessibility, and extensive functionality that allows the DRHE and other local authorities to share the work they do. This ensures that resources are used effectively by reducing duplication of effort to provide a continuum of care and more effective homelessness services.  


An Advanced Homeless Support and Emergency Accommodation Management Tool 

In 2010, OpenSky delivered PASS to the Dublin City Council. The PASS system provides statistical information on the homeless population profile and use of services, information of which is used to monitor service delivery.

In 2021, PASS was upgraded by OpenSky to deliver further functionality and enhancements such as advanced automated reporting, extended functionality for more detailed case management, improved ease-of-use to all parties, and data and system upgrades which have improved long-term case work and accommodation management. PASS is now being used countrywide to better manage and streamline access to housing for those in need. 

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Key Functionality & Features

  • Mobile accessibility for case workers on the move 
  • National Multi Agency Centralised Access & Collaboration
  • High level of data and platform security
  • Automated and detailed reporting to drive service delivery improvements 



Key Technologies Used in this Solution

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The Result

PASS has eliminated all paper -based and manual aspects of the DRHE’s homeless services thanks to its digital-first, accessible design.

This digital system allows a more cohesive pathway in the assessment process, with higher processing capacity, faster performance, and less complexity, leading to a more seamless and efficient service for those who use the system as well as those in need.  

  • Real-time 24/7 Accommodation Inventory 
  • Increased efficiency of bed occupancy to a rate of 99% of capacity. 
  • Mobile Enabled Bookings 
  • Advanced Security & Data Protection 

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