Streamlined Case Management Empowers Omni-Channel Engagement in Cork City Council 

Citizen Case Management CRM Case Study – Cork City Council 

Industry: Public Sector Government Local Authority 
Headquarters: Cork City, Ireland 
Services: Housing, Community Services, Roads, Transportation, Planning, Development, Recreation, Amenity, Culture, Environment, Waste Management 

The Challenge

Faced with an imminent expansion of its boundaries to include 85,000+ more citizens, Cork City Council needed to unify its CRM and customer service portals into a simplified service to assist citizens via telephone, email, and online portal. 

The Solution

A Dynamics CRM back office combined with Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk client that delivers efficient handling & processing of inbound calls from citizens. 

The Results

Better, faster, and more streamlined access to services for more than 220,000 citizens engaging with Cork City Council authorities whether by phone, email, or online help portal.

Key Benefits of The Unified Service Desk Solution


New citizens catered for in City services. 


Citizens with better access to services.  

Faster Services
Customer profiles, case notes, and help scripts make it easier to get answers and help. 
Better Management

Enhanced visibility of statistics, views, & call activity to admin staff. 


Daily calls and contacts through Advanced Call Logging System  

Unified Support
Phone, email, & online portal all integrated into one environment.




Enhanced Customer Experience

"We currently have 6 agents and 1 supervisor fielding phone calls from customers and public of Cork city council. Calls are captured over the phone on a dedicated customer service phone number and online using a service request form on The phone lines are operational 09.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday with the option for customers to leave a voicemail out of operational hours. We currently field circa 750 calls per day. This has now greatly improved the customer experience, ensuring customers of Cork city council and the general public can now interact with a customer service agent during office hours. Customer service agents using MS Dynamics can guarantee that the issue is assigned to the correct internal party. This initiate coincided with the boundary extension of Cork city, increasing the population of Cork city from 125,000 to 210,000."

Kieran Cronin

Project Lead: Cork City Council 


Cork City’s borders were expanding to include over 85,000 more people in areas originally outside of the city’s jurisdiction. Council authorities needed to bring all their customer relationship management and support services under one neat, streamlined umbrella for faster services in order to better serve this growing number of constituents.  


The Situation

Faced with an imminent expansion of its boundaries to that would heavily increase the pressure on their services, Cork City Council engaged OpenSky to bring its CRM and customer service portals into one unified service to assist citizens via telephone, email, and its online portal. 

Cork City Council had two main requirements for this new system: first, it needed to be intuitive and easy to use, providing out of the box functionality to facilitate customer service-based activities; and second, it needed to be scalable and adaptable to meet the future business needs that they would have down the line. 

The Solution

About The Unified Service Desk Solution

OpenSky implemented an intuitive and easy-to-use Service Desk Solution, supporting Citizen engagement via phone call integration with Cork City Council’s instance of Dynamics 365.  

it support citywest

An Advanced and Responsive CRM & Customer Service Tool

The Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement aggregates customer information from different areas in Customer Engagement into an integrated desktop that provides a 360° view of customer interactions – giving customer service agents immediate access to critical business information so that they can quickly engage with customers and address queries and issues.

In preparation for Phase 2 development, the computer telephony integration (CTI) framework of UII will connect the Unified Service Desk with the existing CTI infrastructure to support customer communication in agent desktops over various channels such as chat, email or telephone. Detailed reporting equips City Council stakeholders, users, assignees and inspectors, with statistics, views & visibility on the inbound call activity, and facilitates the ongoing review and monitoring of inbound call activity 

carlos-muza-hpjSkU2UYSU-unsplash (1)

Key Functionality & Features

  • Installation and configuration of a unified service desk 
  • Facility for logging of all directorate cases 
  • Phone system integration functionality developed for phase 2 
  • Facility to log all and manage all inbound enquiries received via the public contact form right from Dynamics interface



Key Technologies Used in this Solution


The Result

The Service Desk Solution has provided a streamlined, standardised service agent call logging system with enhanced automation.

The system makes much greater use of CRM, connected to the Unified Service Desk functionality, allowing for more efficient handling and processing of inbound calls from the Public. Since all calls are now logged and assigned a Directorate, it is now possible to view inbound activity and coverage via various views and dashboards – therefore enabling more efficiency and enabling more effective capacity planning. 

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