Complaint & Dispute Management Platform
customised for Ombudsmans, Commissions and Regulators.

How Do I Know I Need Case Management Software To Manage Complaints?

Paper Based or Basic Software

Are you still using basic software and paper to record complaint data?

Outdated or Unsupported Systems

Are you using legacy or unsupported systems with limited functionality with basic reports and insights?

Increasing Case Load & Limited Resources

Are you seeing an increase in complaint cases and do you have sufficient staff to manage the volumes?

Lack of Confidence in Data Security

Are your systems incapable of supporting adherence to regulations & GDPR?

Ask yourself, does your current complaint management process meet the needs of your organisation?

Whether you’re using basic software such as Excel to record and track complaint case data, or if you're still primarily using paper or perhaps a combination of the two - it might just be time for an upgrade.   

Ombudsmans and Commissions are dealing with, in some cases, complex and over-complicated cases that require multiple parties to support investigations and ultimately bring the case to resolution.   Too many cases are being passed to the complex & lengthy investigation stage which causes bottlenecks in the process, with little ability to differentiate and grade cases by their urgency and complexity.  Furthermore, there are often too many cases for the available resources to manage & close - affecting the organisation's ability to achieve KPI's. 

Many of these organisations are using a combination of basic software as well as paper, to record, track & manage their case complaint data.  In some organisations, they are working with legacy or unsupported systems with basic functionality which brings limitations to producing the reports and insights they need.

Automate repetitive
and high volume tasks
so your team can focus
on value added work


20% complaints reduction

via Smart Taxi Regulation for National Transport Authority


20% complaints reduction

via Smart Taxi Regulation for National Transport Authority


20% complaints reduction

via Smart Taxi Regulation for National Transport Authority

Complaint Case Management Steps

Complaint Case Management CRM is fully customisable and is designed to support a complex complaint process that requires a combination of human tasks and automated workflows, such as upgrading an enquiry to a complaint, grading the priority of a complaint or automating correspondence to complainants. 

Complaint Case Management Process_Webpage

What Technology?


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics case management is commonly used in scenarios where a customer has an issue with a product or service. The activities to resolve the complaint can be tracked in an organised way from when the issue was first reported to the concluding resolution.

Configurable Portal Solutions

Configurable Portal Solutions enable you to create and manage the content which external users will access in order to engage with you, using an intuitive interface, supporting ease of use and exceptional customer service.

- The Portal Connector

A fantastic option to maintain low licensing costs in high volume scenarios.

- MS Power Apps Portals

Powerful low-code websites for external users.




Assess your Readiness to Integrate CRM & Portals into your Case Management Process


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20% complaints reduction

via Smart Taxi Regulation for National Transport Authority

Cork City Council

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MS Dynamics CRM & Unified Service Desk Solution

An Board Pleanala

Case Management System

Integrated with a Geographic Information System

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